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shortless Czech male hustlers  


Here is the deal.  This guy goes around the world, hiring escorts to show off on his site.  Seriously, that’s what it says, and I don’t know, but some of his choices, are well, over priced?  lol

Not the case with these two, well certainly not with that gorgeous blond hunk. I mean fuck, he’s to die forI love how he jokes around, like in the photo below. It just, well makes it all seem more real for me. 


nude pair of male escorts 

Gay Rent Boys has provided this sex preview.


hard dicked hustler




uncut Czech hustler




Honza has that look, that just makes you know he’ll perform, and would be well worth the price.

I’ve had a few ‘for rent’ guys in my time, many were not worth the cash, other than for a quick physical release.  Yet there were a few who really could provide the service.  Hell a few who got a tip from me, and I am the original cheapskate when it comes to tipping.

I like that unshaven look on him, and that messed hair look. It is so fucking sexy, that just makes him a total package.  After all it is about the equipment too, and he has such a lovely penis.   


Honza (blond) & Jirka (dark hair)  have been giving you some deliciously naughty thoughts


Czech escorts jacking off 


Looks like his fellow escort, Jirka (no, its not pronounced as it is spelt), likes what he sees too.  I guess he’s good looking, in his own right. But I am a sucker for blonds, especially when they are well built (and hung) like Honza.

I don’t go for tats, but you know, that Cobra he’s got, is rather fitting. Sort of fits the image he projects, which does get the blood rushing to the dick.


Video Preview Not Available  

Cum Get Off with the guys from GayRentBoys


Think I’ll have to look through the site more, as supposedly there is another scene with Honza, who does pique my interests.  Something about his look, that makes me want to see more…   much more


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