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Drive it in Baby


cranky old geezersDamn I love a nice thick uncut cock being stuffed deep inside a nice tight hole.

So this is the Start for my Sodomy Sunday feature post.

Did you know that Sodomy Laws existed until just recently in many States of the USA?  Kind of blew me away when the last was finally repealed, but it does make a guy wonder about what else is lurking on the Law Books.

Ah well, best start I can find is the latest from Bel Ami Online featuring Roger Lambert and Ariel Vanean.

I mean damn, they do love showing those nice thick uncut cocks going into a hot ass, so I figured, fuck, that will get me going.

Speaking of Fucking, this is another condom Free episode from Bel Ami.


getting it on raw

More Barebacking Bel Ami Boys Here


dirty old age pensionersNow be honest. Don’t you think that watching a pair of hot guys cavorting around in a luxurious pool and getting into some hot sex, while swimming, is a turn on?

Gets me wanting to build my own indoor pool.

Just think of the possibilities you can have.  Inviting that hot guy next door to join in a swim, or on some nice hot summer day, to let your garden handy stud partake in some cooling off in the old pool.

It would be worth the expense, if I had the cash to invest.

I mean damn, it is one hell of a line to use, but unlike Bel Ami, I don’t have that kind of money laying around.

Maybe I could convince Seymour to renovate my house for me?  I’d let him use the pool, when I wasn’t chasing some cutie like Ariel or Roger around.  LOL

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Not cranky, just rather jaded. I suppose it is about being old, approaching those golden years, that well, seem filled with lumps of coal instead of gold. No wonder I like young guys with big cocks. Better than lumbs of coal, anyday. Besides old people are always cold, and need lots of heat. Can you think of a better way to keep warm than a hot sexy young twink?
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