Fabulous Soccer Jock Jacking Off

soccer hunk masturbates

Meet Fabiano Vega at BoyzParty

horny old menI used to play Football, (American style) but I am partial to Soccer.  I mean you can see so much more, given how skimpy those shorts are.   It is like I used to love watching Basketball, until they came up with those new droopy shorts.

Honestly, it is fun watching the flopping action when those hunks go whizzing by.  Hey, no way can I run up and down a field, at my age.  I’d be too winded after a minute or two, but not this sexy hunk, Fabiano Vega.

I mean he finishes practice. makes a snack, and then busts a nut.  I mean now that is energy, and a Twink after my own heart.

I do love an energetic young stud, don’t you?

Oh, did I mention he is UNCUT?   LOL

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Not cranky, just rather jaded. I suppose it is about being old, approaching those golden years, that well, seem filled with lumps of coal instead of gold. No wonder I like young guys with big cocks. Better than lumbs of coal, anyday. Besides old people are always cold, and need lots of heat. Can you think of a better way to keep warm than a hot sexy young twink?
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