No Wonder His Jockey Shorts are Bulging

hot blond surger jerks off

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horny old fartsNow he is rather cute, and sexy too.

Kind of enjoy that thin face, and that very lean body.  Mind you I don’t see him as a Surfer Dude, but I bet he could hang ten, without much trouble.   Put him in a pair of nice blue or red Speedos and he sure would be easy to spot, out on the waves.

Like he does have a big pecker, don’t you think?  

Hey he does fill out those white jockey shorts nicely, stretches them actually.  Bet he has to get a larger size than what his waist his, so he can keep that monster hidden.

Personally, I’d much rather he wore a thong, so I could just drool every time he had to go pee, or had those pants off.   Come to think of it, I’d much rather he was on my bed, and I was at the foot of the bed, enjoying watching him jerk that lovely penis of his.

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Not cranky, just rather jaded. I suppose it is about being old, approaching those golden years, that well, seem filled with lumps of coal instead of gold. No wonder I like young guys with big cocks. Better than lumbs of coal, anyday. Besides old people are always cold, and need lots of heat. Can you think of a better way to keep warm than a hot sexy young twink?
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