Foreskin Nibbling

biting some foreskin


There is something about playing with the foreskin, that is rather, well special.  I mean to be able to lick a nice cock, and also tease that extra skin, by nibbling on it, or pulling on it with your teeth, is kind of  hot.

Foreskin Foreplay


playing with the foreskin


Mind you, makes you work a bit harder too, because a fully aroused uncut man, well, that foreskin is rather tight around the cock, so you do have to catch it at the beginning.

Least you do, if playing with my wifeys uncut winkie, and if you are, well you is dead meat.   HE IS ALL MINE!

These guys were performing live on stage, enjoying the thrill of being in public, while satisfying their need for cock.

Three guys, two of them hot beefy dudes with some excessive Ink, all concentrating on making those uncut dicks hard as rocks.


double cock licking


Now I kind of like the idea of having two hot guys at my feet, their mouths against my throbbing pole, the tongues licking up and down either side.

I enjoy a nice tongue licking, but two at once is like being in cock sucking heaven.



You can tell, these three are really into the sex, into the playing with the foreskin, before they get serious.

Good threesome action means no one is left out of the fun, and these guys make sure each one of them, is enjoying every single glorious second. 

The audience seemed to have enjoyed it too, with their standing ovation afterwards.


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