Who is in charge Kyler or Mitch

Hot Daddy with his Twinky

Mitch Vaughn and Kyler Moss
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Just looking at Kyler Moss you’d never believe he is one very demanding young Twink, that would keep any Sugar Daddy on his toes.  This is one very manipulative young Twink, in the best possible sense, or so it seems to this old Fart.

Honestly, who wants a dull Twink to lavish one’s needs over?

Mitch Vaughn may think he’s Kyler’s boss, and may even assert himself to prove it, but Kyler is one of those sexy dark haired cuties who love being Dominated.  Hell, I am almost certain he plans his ‘inappropriate advances’ just for that reason.

Giving him a hard ass fucking

Kyler Rides His Daddies Dick
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Spread Some Sugar over these Young Twinks


Gotta say, the Daddies are starting to look more like Daddies and damn, those sexy young men sure do manage to hold onto a few at a time, don’t they?

Not sure I would want to be sharing Kyler Moss with anyone else, but hell, it would help spread the cost around, and you know how cheap us Old Age Pensioners can be.  Come on, a pension check only goes so far, and that dark haired waif Kyler is worth every penny, but a guy still needs to eat.

Mind you sharing him with beefy guys like Mitch, well, has its advantages too.

It lets me be more gentle, take my time more when he is on my turf.

Mitch can give Kyler more of that rough hard type of ass pounding than me, and hey, the little vixen does like it rough at times.  No way can I hold that skinny twink up against a wall, and drive my big dick into that very tight and eager butt of Kyler’s.

I’d hate to share him, but damn, even a Sugar Daddy needs to have some consideration for his young boy toy, otherwise it could become much more expensive, than it should.

Now if only I was a Millionaire, well…


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Not cranky, just rather jaded. I suppose it is about being old, approaching those golden years, that well, seem filled with lumps of coal instead of gold. No wonder I like young guys with big cocks. Better than lumbs of coal, anyday. Besides old people are always cold, and need lots of heat. Can you think of a better way to keep warm than a hot sexy young twink?
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